The Comets Family

Here is where we Explore the other coasters that are Directly related to the Comets Creators.

The Lincoln Park Comet (LPComet) seems to be the only collaborative effort between Keenan and Leis (at least in the way of coasters). Both had long careers, and created many other wonderful attractions .

The following tables have some data that is incomplete signified by ‘?’s. Operation closing dates are in the form of ‘closed(removed)’ so in the case of the Whalom Park Comet Flyer 2000(2006) the last rider was on in 2000 and the coaster was raised in 2006. If the coaster is still in operation the closing date will be dashes ‘—-‘. If you have further information please post a comment or contact us so we can add it and get this information as accurate as possible.

Vernon Keenan and Edward Leis of the National Amusement Devices (NAD) were the creators of the Lincoln Park Comet. There are a number of Direct descendants of the Keenan branch of the family here they all are in birth order.

Vernon Keenan’s creations:

Cyclone Coney Isl, Astroland Brooklyn,NY 1927 —- 2640 85 60
Blue Streak Woodcliffe Pleasure Park Poughkeepsie, NY 1928 1941 2000 127 65
Atom Smasher, Coaster, Cinerama Coaster Thompson’s Amusement Park,
Rockaways’ Playland
Queens, NY 1938 1986 3000 70
Twister Woodcliffe Pleasure Park Poughkeepsie, NY 1938 1941 ???? ?? ??
Cyclone New York Worlds Fair NY 1939 1940 2600 70 40
Plans were purchased at the NY Fair and the coaster was rebuilt at Riverside Park in Agwam MA. It was originally designed By Vernon Keenadn for Harry C Baker.
Today it is known as the Thunderbolt at Six Flags New England, and remains the parks centerpiece classic wooden coaster
Thunderbolt Riverside Park Agwam,
1941 —- 2600 70 40
Flyer Comet Whalom Park Lunenburg. MA 1940 2000(2006) ? 65 ?
Million Dolalr Coaster Rocyk Glenn Moosic, PA 1946 1957 4700 96 ??
Comet Lincoln Park N. Dartmouth MA 1946 1987
(SBNO 2008)
3000 65 55

As you can see the Comet was the youngest in the family with only one surviving relative that being the oldest in the family the Cyclone, of Coney Islands Astroland. This is all too unfortunate as this family all have a familiar feel and are extremely exhilarating ! (the few I’ve actually had the pleasure/privilege of experiencing are the Comet, Comet Flier and the Cyclone in that order)

The Comet (LPComet) also has other siblings on the Leis side of the family they are

Edward Leis

Comet Lincoln Park N. Dartmouth MA 1946 1987
(SBNO 2008)
3000 65 55
Comet Jr Kiddie City Douglaston, NY 1956 1964
Comet Jr Rocky Point Warwick, RI 1957 1995?
Montana Russa La Feria Chapultepec Magico Mexico City, Distrito Federal Mexico 1964 —- 4000 110
Wildcat Fairyland Park Kansas City, MO 1967 1977(1990) 2653 75 46
Wildcat Frontier City Oklahoma City, Okl 1968 —- 2653 75 46

So sadly to say the Comet is the next to fall in the family, the good news is that the Big Brother of them all is still standing and going strong!
Out of the 12 in the family tree, there are only 3 of these terrific woodies still standing, hopefully with any luck, and the right love and care these can endure. That’s the hope, preserve what we have and share the thrill with generations to come !

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  1. goodolecomet Says:

    This is fascinating information. I love riding the Thunderbolt at Six Flags as well as when it was still Riverside (still have a Riverside Sticker around somewhere). I had no idea it was “related” to the Comet. It will gain all new respect from me when I ride it this summer.

    Now to make it to the Cyclone!

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