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2012 July 11 – RIP Comet 🙁

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You are visiting one of the only Lincoln Park websites still updated and maintained with recent news, stories, and great pictures (you can click on most of the pictures to see larger presentations). Feel free to explore the site by using the navigation panel to the right, including News and Events, Pictures, Videos, Links, Downloads, and of course our Guestbook!

We continually strive to find fresh content, new angles, and updates for this site. So far we’ve investigated the Designer, Vernon Keenan and uncovered some new information, and collected some other from the far reaches of web and other resources (see the About the Designer section).
We are actively involved in discovering details about the Comet Rollercoaster, and the little things that made it tick so well for so many years.
History of the park from its inception to its demise are included in our About Lincoln Park section. We show details of the park as it was in its hayday on our Lincoln Park – Mid 1960s section where we have created a point and click aerial view of the park with some pictures linked in over the various rides (popup text will show at least what the ride was).
And there are the pictures, literally hundreds of them, some are in the various galleries in our media section, some are just not sorted into a sensible form yet.
Unfortunately we have too few pictures of the park in action, so we’re always looking for scans of old photographs or slides.

So come along and explore the rich history of this park, Sign up and post your comments and stories, impressions or just general information that will help us all understand what made this (and other) small Amusement parks so near and dear to us.


New Story on the Fate of Lincoln Park this Summer. Construction of The Village at Lincoln Park has commenced. The Comet was deconstructed in July 2012, and most of the park has been leveled. Marion Millworks has secured salvage rights for the lumber and hardware from the comet. They will be creating unique pieces of furniture, moldings, and millwork from these salvaged materials. Sales of these creations will be donated to local non profit organizations, so there will be an after-life of a sort for our beloved comet.
See the News and Events section for details!

Ticket to ridelp-tix-66

Although our focus is on Lincoln Park, we welcome information on other defunct parks in the SE New England area, whether it be Rocky Point, Nantasket Beach, Paragon Park, Whalom Park, Salisbury Beach, Mountain Park, and more… so sign up and tell us about them 🙂

We ask that any materials you post are free from copyright, or that you provide the appropriate permission to use the particular copyrighted materials. We strive to make sure all content is legitimate and some may be under agreement with this site. Please see the credits on the particular image for details.

And you can always let us know how we’re doing by signing our LPComet Guestbook


Still to come

We are busy collecting materials from, well just about everywhere, and our focus will be shifting to the park we all remember so fondly. There are a lot of images of how the park is now, be warned, they are a sad reminder of our loss. We are trying to make this site a bit happier (so to speak) and our focus will definitely shift, this probably won’t happen until what’s left is gone. We want to capture as much as we possible while we can, before its all gone. Then we will try to tell the whole story from beginning to end, with the info we collect.

So if you happen to have an old snapshot from the park, scan it, or mail ijust get it us somehow. We need these to bring the memories of,the happy times, and the fun back for everyone who visits this site.

Shortly our weekly newsletter will be available, and it will include current updates on the park status, information, and website updates. This will be an opt-in/opt-out option, and you will need an account to get these delivered.

Right Now
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Time stands stillUp until the late 90s, this is how the Comet’s cars sat in the station. Evidence of plain neglect. Thanks to Todd Long for the Picture

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